According to what Father Esteban tells us in his book about the College of the Nª Sª de la Antigua, Pope Paulo V supported the construction of the School with a bull, he relates it like this:

Paulo V

In order to have funds to finish the works, the Count of Lemos asked Pope Paulo V commutation and reduction of the pious works left in testament by the Cardinal to the foundation of two hospitals for pilgrims and that, afterwards, all the goods they were used in “continuing the factory of said College until putting it in all perfection and according to the plant that the Cardinal said, without any other obligation, since all the other dispositions of said Lord Cardinal were understood as commuted in said pious works of the hospitals ” Pope Paul V granted this commutation with a special bull, issued on June 12, 1613, nono of his pontificate. Of these hospitals, at present, only the remains remain. They were on the “Camino de Santiago”, the first in Ligonde, municipality of Monterroso, province of Lugo; and the other in Leboreiro, parish of the municipality of Mellid, province of La Coruña. These hospitals seem to have had estates or properties, whose settlers paid some tribute or revenue to this College. According to the Archives document, on September 6, 1887, the Bishop of Lugo wrote to the Rector, Fr. Felipe Fernández, requesting, from the Civil Governor of La Coruña, a certified copy of the “founding document” of the Pilgrims’ Hospital “Instituted in Leboreiro, in the district of Mellid, by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, who administered the PP. Escolapios of the Monforte de Lemos School “. The Rector answered, dated 27-X-1887 saying that, in the archive of this College, there was no such deed and that it should be in the General Archive of the House of Alba.

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