About to finish off the restoration of the rear of the Moure custody, until now covered with a reddish satin, we can be glad to have returned to the Moure altarpiece its first decoration.

At first, when the curtain covering the bottom was removed, a surface appeared in brown paper and glued to the wall. By some indications it was understood that under that paper there could be some apparently blue decoration. When the restorer D. Vania López removed the paper, a kind of sky appeared full of small stars. But this painted sky, still showed another more primitive decoration that we decided to return to light, since it is the original and first decoration, from the middle of the 17th century and that attaches importance to the whole of the altarpiece when returning it to its first design.

It has also taken advantage of the restoration and withdrawal of the walnut custody to introduce a piece of wood covering the irregular stones of the altar table and that forced the custody to be unduly resting all its weight.

Now with the new altar cover stability will be given to the whole.We add some photos of the process that, due to not having enough space to photograph, are almost always partial or semi-covered photos by the scaffolding, but they are enough to give testimony of a work about to finish off in favor of the jewel of D. Francisco de Moune in Monforte, that is the main altarpiece of the church.

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