Two earthquakes while the Cardinal College was being built

In the Voice of Galicia of 05/26/2017, a pair of earthquakes occurred in 1604, in full construction of the College. The document that attests to these events is a note in one of the parochial books of the Regoa in which baptisms, marriages and burials were established 1580 and 1621.

The text of the note says: “To the possessor of May of one thousand and six hundred and four at seven in the morning the world trembled, this same year the day “entrojo” (probably antruejo or entroido) also the world trembled and we fled the first one that not of the latest God provided it »

With what the first earthquake and main would be between March 7 and 9, the second on May 31 -. No mention is made of these earthquakes in our documentation.

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