Illustrious students: Vicente Vázquez Queipo de Llano.

He was born in the town of Samos on February 17, 1804, in the pazo de Lusío, in the bosom of a wealthy family. He began his studies in his own house and continued them in the Jesuits of Monforte de Lemos. In 1820 he entered the University of Valladolid, studying Law and at the same time, Mathematics and Experimental Sciences. He obtained the bachelor’s degree in Law and Philosophy and later the bachelor’s degree and the doctorate in Law.

He obtained by opposition a chair of Experimental Physics and Chemistry in 1826. Subsequently traveled to complete his mathematical and physical training in Paris (1829), entering the Central School of Arts and Manufactures in Paris where he was appointed Assistant Professor of Physics. He returned in the summer of 1832 and settled in Madrid, where he had a family (José María Queipo de Llano and Ruiz de Saravia, VII count of Toreno, was his uncle). In 1833 he was assigned to Cuba as Fiscal of the Treasury, where he remained until 1846, the year he returned to Madrid.

Deputy in Cortes, is dedicated to politics for the next twenty years, in the loyalist monarchist camp, occupying positions such as the General Directorate of the Ministry of Overseas, 3 or Assistant Secretary of the Interior. Abandoned the political life when Isabel II left Spain, overthrown in 1868, then dedicated exclusively to work and intellectual production publishing various works that had begun in his previous stage.

He was a member of the Royal Academy of History, Correspondent of the Institute of France, President of the Geological Map Commission of Spain, Royal Commissioner of the Astronomical Observatory of Madrid4 and member of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. He died in Madrid, March 11, 1893.

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