Some facts about the school in the 18th century

In the study that is made of Monforte By Rosa Mª Guntiñás, starting from the data of the Cadastre of the Marques de la Ensenada, made in the middle of the XVIII century, we find numerous data that put us on track of how our College worked then. Thus we read:

“D. Rodrigo is going to name, then, universal heir to the College in his will, made by his own hand in 1598, but placing it under the patronage of the Counts of Lemos and pointing out to the religious an income of 2,000 annual ducats for their sustenance, giving them solar, garden, silver and relics and ratifying the creation in it of a school for the Galician youth under the direction of the Society of Jesus, so that the Relationship of 1741 specifies that, in addition to the main faculty, there was “Another patio of schools” that were in total four of Grammar, one of Philosophy, two of Scholastic Theology and moral “with another piece for children to read and write””.

We see that the studies that were taught were closer to being university studies than of primary education.

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