The panel of San Juan Evangelista, preserves on its back the hinges that its twin San Juan Bautista lacks, which can be seen in this gallery. Both were doors of some sacristy furniture or were part of a triptych, which seems unlikely. This panel, of a lower quality than its twin, shows a young Saint John the Evangelist, holding a chalice in his hands, barefoot, dressed in a green tunic and a wide red cloak. On its left side appears the silhouette of the eagle, a symbol of this evangelist.

It is an oil on a split pine board awaiting restoration. We can place it at the beginning of the 17th century or the end of the 16th century. With approximate measurements of 44 x 94 cm

It is possible that the cloudscapes that are seen are retouched, as were those of San Juan Bautista. It would not be strange a surprise in its restoration.

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