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Valladolid school – Gregorio Fernández workshop

According to information from the University of Santiago de Compostela about a similar image, it is a Sculpture that represents Saint Francis Xavier with the Jesuit vestments, a black habit composed of a cassock and a large mantle, which in its lower part presents deep folds that originate lighting contrasts. With his right arm raised he holds a cross, while in his left hand he carries a pilgrim’s staff (previously he carried some silver lilies). The treatment of the habit, as well as the arrangement of the figure with the left foot forward, creating a diagonal composition in the most prominent planes, refer them to the workshop of Gregorio Fernández. He presents a magnificent, intense face, from which wrinkles, corners and bony parts emerge from the soft modeling and soft matte flesh, which becomes dark in the area of the shaved beard, achieving extraordinary naturalistic effects, the workshop recipes are also evident, both in the loose curls of the fringe and in the horizontal and straight cut of the hair above the ears or the deep slit carved shortly before the crown of the tonsure begins, to embed the radial diadem there.

Title: Saint Francis Xavier
Authorship: Valladolid school – Gregorio Fernández or workshop.
Topics: Religious / Iconography of saints / Saint Francis Xavier
Date: first half 17th century
Techniques: Polychrome Carving
Dimensions: Height: 175 cm Width: 70 cm Depth: 70 cm
Materials: Pine Wood
Location: Church of the Royal College of Nª Sª de la Antigua – Monforte de Lemos – Lugo

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