It is an anonymous oil painting on panel, probably from the 16th century, in which Saint John the Baptist is represented. According to the model of Titian that is in the Prado Museum.

Saint John the Baptist, standing, poorly dressed, barefoot, with a cross as a staff, with the divine lamb between the left arm and the body. The figure being identical to that of Titian, although the position of the divine lamb, which in Titian’s painting is on the ground, changes.

A dark, almost stormy sky makes the figure of the Baptist stand out. Held in the left hand is a band of canvas that reads: ECCE AGNUS DEI ECCE QUI… as well as a cross that protrudes above the height of the Baptist.

This board, originally 57.5 X 108.5 cm, was cut during the restoration process to 45 X 95.5 cm, although the initial measurements were recovered with a new frame.

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