This is an oil on canvas painting by San Francisco de Borja. Jesuit, and perhaps one of the few memories of the Jesuits’ stay at the Colegio del Cardenal. The measurements of the painting are 162.5 X 123.5 cm.

S Francisco de Borja” is written on the box. And it is dated in the painting itself 1666. This date could be discussed since the painting appears as S. Francisco de Borja and he was not canonized until 1672 , which raises an anachronism that will have to be explained. Understanding that it will be after 1672 when S. Francisco de Borja is written on the canvas.

S. Francisco de Borja, on his knees, in prayer before a cross flanked by two candles, on a piece of furniture that acts as a small altar in which there is also a book and on it a skull and some disciplines. He has three cardinal hats on the ground symbolizing the triple renunciation of this dignity. An angelfish holds a green crown on its head, apparently vegetal.

S. Francisco de Borja
Before and after its last restoration in 2019
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