Supporting the Winter Road … in spring.

The School Foundation N.S. de la Antigua collaborates with the Winter Road Association in the events and events scheduled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the aforementioned Association.
Thanks to this collaboration, Amancio Prada will perform in Monforte on April 27th in our Church, in a concert organized by the Winter Path Association in Ribeira Sacra. The concert of Amancio Prada will take place on April 27 at 9:00 p.m.

“Cantigas no Camiño de Inverno” is the name of the concert that will integrate classical pieces by the Berciano cantautor with pieces by the minstrel Xoán de Requeixo and music poems that Federico García Lorca dedicated to the Sil river.
The 400 tickets will go on sale one hour before the price of 5 euros.

Expansion of the Tourism and Culture menu

We have expanded the menu of our WEB, in the Tourism and Culture section, with a new page that gives information on two curious elements of our building: This is LAS MONTEAS, which our RAE dictionary defines as: “Life-size drawing that on the floor or on a wall is made entirely or part of a work to make the break, remove the templates and point out the cuts. The two monteas that can be seen today, miraculously survived over the years and serve for admiration of visitors and as a source of study for engineers, architects and stonemasons ..

Reedición of the book of P. Esteban

Father Esteban, a Piarist, who lived and worked a large part of his life in the College of Nª Sª de la Antigua in Monforte de Lemos, published a book about the College many years ago. This magnificent book was sold out long ago and from the CNSdlA Foundation we are thinking of republishing it again because in it Father Esteban picked up the 400 years of history that are already fulfilling its walls. This reissue will be part of the actions that the Foundation intends to carry out to commemorate the fourth centenary of the consecration of the College Church that we will celebrate this year. When we have more information about the edition of this book we will communicate it for those who may be interested in it.

Posters with QR codes

For more than a month now, explanatory posters of the pieces and spaces that tourists visit have been installed throughout the monumental site. These cartridges contain QR codes through which you can access, through the mobile, a wider information about the space or object visited. We hope that this initiative helps to understand and know more about our College of Nª Sª de la Antigua. As an example, we put here an image of one of the cartels that have been installed, in this case the one corresponding to the number 1 pad that takes us to the information of the School in general.

Posters nº 1 SCHOOL

Seal the Compostela.

Seal of pilgrims

The Colegio Nª Sª de la Antigua Foundation will make available to the Secretariat of the Center and the Reception a stamp so that the pilgrims can seal their compostela, since the influx of them by the “Winter Road” is growing lately . This stamp will carry the memory of our Foundation to many places and will be a testimony of the passage of the pilgrims through our College.

Virtual visit.

We have incorporated in our page “Visit us” a button through which you can make a virtual tour of the monumental zone of the School. We can choose the area to visit or follow the proposed virtual tour. With a simple movement of the mouse we will obtain a 360º view. You can access “Visit us” in the main menu of our page.

Information on tax breaks

Our WEB page has just included information on the tax deductions for donations to NGOs, FOUNDATIONS, non-profit organizations, etc. This information is clear and up to date. This information can be accessed from the “Donate” option in the menu.

Destination of income for 2018

Our Foundation has a double cultural and social objective. Cultural especially in the care and improvement of their heritage. Social as it contributes to the education of children and young people according to the wishes of our founder, Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro. Therefore, we inform you with a simple chart of the percentage allocated to each of the obligations of our Fuition.

Certificate of excellence

The Tripadvisor International Company has rated the Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Antigua and its guided views with a certificate of excellence. This certificate is granted to those monuments and / or guided visits that obtain maximum qualification by those who carry them out. Another good news for our foundation.