In an entry on this WEBSITE dated JANUARY 28, 2021 titled “ORANTE STATUE OF CARDINAL RODRIGO DE CASTRO” he defended that in Spain there were only two works by Juan de Bolonia, The Orante Statue of the Cardinal and Philip III of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid . After a little research I have to correct what was written in that 2021 entry and share with our friends that there are at least 5 works by Juan de Bolonia, different from each other because they are three made of bronze, one made of marble and another made of paper as it is a drawing. for a font project.

Therefore, the catalog of the works of Juan de Bolonia in Spain would look like this:

1.- Praying Statue of Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro. Church of the Royal College of Nª Sª de la Antigua PP. Piarists.

2.- Equestrian statue of King Felipe III. Plaza Mayor of Madrid.

3.- Christ Crucified. Cathedral Museum of Lugo and from the Royal College of Nª Sª de la Antigua PP. Piarists.

4.- Allegory of Francis I de’ Medici. Marble plate. Prado Museum, Madrid.

5.- Fountain of Hercules, preparatory drawing for the creation of said fountain, on paper. Prado Museum, Madrid.

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