On the 29th, the delivery of the work carried out in the six side chapels of the church of the Real Colegio de los Escolapios was officially delivered. With this act, the interventions in these chapels are completed, the result being a magnificent return to its former splendor. The works have been financed by the Consellería de Cultura and supervised by the Dirección Xeral do Patrimonio.

It now remains to wait for the start of the restoration of the Chapel of the Relics, which will take much longer, since the magnificent Baroque altarpiece will probably have to be completely dismantled and then reassembled safely, correcting the problems it now has.

The FCNSdlA plans to begin work on the new lighting in February, at which time the reconstruction of part of the recently sunken floor of the sacristy will be addressed.

We attach here a QR code through which we request donations of €20 to deal with these works not supported by the Xunta and some pending restorations that are of great interest to us.


The Writer Dolores Redondo made her first presentation at the Pinacoteca of the Royal College of the PP: Escolapios on December 21 in an exclusive act, before the official presentation that would take place a couple of hours later in the Monforte Multipurpose Pavilion.

Her new novel “Waiting for the Deluge” is the seventh novel by Dolores Redondo, a writer born in San Sebastián in 1969 who became a bestseller with the enormous success of her Baztán trilogy, a series that began in 2013 with El guardián invisible that mixes the noir genre with Basque myths and legends. With Offering to the Storm (2014) she closed that trilogy and began working on her next work with the challenge of sustaining the popularity that the three previous titles had brought her.

The vineyards of Minho

In Todo esto te daré, Dolores Redondo replaces the mists of the mountains in the north of Navarra with that of the slopes that fall into the Miño river in the Ribeira Sacra, but she does not change the tone. Her first novel after the Baztán novels is also a detective story wrapped in mysterious landscapes. The awarding of the Planeta prize helped him to keep the attention of the public, and to exceed sales figures that were difficult to improve. But it also had an unexpected effect on the Ribeira Sacra, which lived with All this will give you an unprecedented boost in popularity for a tourist territory that at that time was trying to establish itself as such and that today continues to receive visitors seeking the landscapes described in that novel.

In the photo Dolores Redondo with the Director-Manager of the FCNSdlA, management team and teachers of the school
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