These days the left side altarpiece of the church is being restored, which is currently dedicated to the Virgin of the Pious Schools. The state of the structure is much better than one would expect, but not the polychromes and the gilding. One curiosity that surprises us and tells us about the quality of the carver, lies in the inclusion of small animals in the plant ornaments, for example snails, little birds, etc. The polychromies are currently being consolidated before moving on to a reintegration of the damaged or lost parts.

We offer a couple of details of the animals included in the plant ornaments

Visit of the Councilor for Culture Román Rodríguez

The Minister for Culture of Galicia, Román Rodríguez, today visited the works of the church of the Colegio de la Compañía de Monforte. The part of the works corresponding to the interior of the Church, in the vault of the presbytery, was completed at the end of November. The church of Nª Sª de la Antigua is already open and in use by the locals who want to go to it. According to estimates, the works will continue at least until mid-February or early March.

At the rear of the church building, work has taken slightly longer than anticipated due to unfavorable weather conditions. The large crack in the back wall of the temple, whose origin is attributed to the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, has been sealed, a work that has already been done.

There is now the rehabilitation of the passage behind the church that had to be demolished to place the large scaffolding, which has been used, on the one hand, to access the roof of the head of the church, which has been renovated in the area between the two towers.

At the same time, the restoration of one of the lateral altarpieces of the transept has begun, specifically the left one.

The “Conselleiro” of Culture with Pablo Blanco, Director of the School and Father Javier Agudo Director-Managing Director of the NSdlA Foundation at the foot of the exterior works


Last Monday, November 29, in the incomparable setting of our Pinacoteca, the Agreement was signed between the Fundación Colegio Nª Sª de la Antigua and the Iberdrola Foundation, which will assume the cost of the total renovation of the lighting in our Church. Through this agreement, the IBERDOLA Foundation assumes, already approving in its board of trustees, the renovation of the lighting in the church, for an amount of € 90,000. The company designated by Iberdrola to carry out the intervention is the same one that illuminated the Prado Museum and has made the new lighting of the recently opened Santiago Cathedral, with a magnificent result. A Monitoring Commission will be created, which will have its first meeting at the end of January, and will be in charge of supervising the lighting project, later, once it has been defined, it will have to be authorized by the General Directorate of Heritage of the Xunta de Galicia .

The signing of the agreement was attended by local authorities, the Director of the Iberdrola Foundation, the Iberdrola Delegate in Galicia, the Government Delegate of the Xunta in Lugo and other prominent members of Monforte’s life and the press and radio media from Galician area.

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