In the Foundation Archive, we can find a lot of documentation from the 16th and subsequent centuries. Among them there is one that attracts attention, it is a document of sale of a vineyard dated October 22, 1576, which was sold for seventy ducats. The curious thing about this deed is the care of the presentation that the “Escribano” (notary) who vouched for it. He drew a capital letter E, capitular, in pen and ink and in it he put the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian or (S. Bastiano) as the same scribe recorded in the upper part of the letter E.

The letter is also surprising that despite being already in the midst of a renaissance, it keeps much of the Gothic letter used until the middle of the previous century.

We illustrate this entry of our WEB page with a photo of the capitular and first lines of said document and a photo of two ducats or doubloon, of the time.

Beginning of the deed of sale of a vineyard mentioned in this entry
Coin of two shields or doubloon of 1578. Felipe II
Half-shield coin. Philip II
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