At the initiative of the CNSdlA Foundation, its appearance documented in three photos from the early twentieth or late nineteenth century will be returned to the well of the main cloister. Apparently the two stone pillars that can be seen on both sides of the well supported a wrought iron arch from which the pulley hung to raise the water with a cauldron At some point, said hardware disappeared, leaving the well soulless and with the appearance of incompleteness.

The Herrería de Chago, in Santiago de Compostela, which has just restored the 17th century bars of the Chapel of the Relics, is going to be in charge of making this ironwork. We illustrate this news with a current photo of the state of the Main Cloister in which you can see the situation of the well and photos from the early 20th century where you can see the hardware that is the object of this news.

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