Father Esteban Martínez tells us, in his book on the Colegio de Nª Sª de la Antigua, that for the good organization and progress of the College, after the expulsion of the Frs. Jesuits of Monforte by order of Carlos III, the Countess of Lemos, Mrs. Rosa María de Castro, commissioned her confessor, Dr. D. Melchor Borruel, to draw up some “Constitutions or Regulations”, which would serve as a norm and guide for the development of school life. She knew how to reflect them in the 34 chapters that make up said “Constitutions or Regulations.” They are striking for their rigidity and demands, which, to a modern mind, would seem too rigorous and almost inhuman, but it was the usual in those days.

To illustrate what has been said, we copy some of the provisions that most reflect the mentality of the times in which they were written.

The second chapter contains the obligations of the students, both internal and external, she says like this:

1°) The children of the Schools, Grammarians, Philosophers and Theologians will attend every day to the literary exercises at the appointed hours, and with the greatest punctuality, to the Seminary Mass, as well as the days of study and those of party and holidays.

2 °) At the ring of prayers they will be collected from their homes and will not leave them again until the next day; not occurring any urgency that makes it precise and indispensable.

3 °) All card games are strictly prohibited; tabas and dice; and they are only allowed that; on holidays and holidays; in the afternoon; They can enjoy fair and honest games on the College Field and not elsewhere.

4th) They are banned, equally, entry into taverns; suspicious ovens and houses.

5 °) Likewise, they are prohibited from keeping hunting dogs; shotguns; pistols and any other genre of weapons.

As we can see, the concerns of those times were different, but we can see the concern for the good of the students and their good customs….

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