Jean Boulogne (Douai, 1529 – Florence 1608), known in Italy as Giovanni da Bologna or Giambologna for short, and in Spain as Juan de Bolonia, was a Flemish sculptor who worked in Italy at the end of the Renaissance.

He was the author of several of the most famous sculptures, in marble and bronze, on mythological themes. He also occupies a key position in the history of European sculpture, as a bridge between Michelangelo’s Renaissance and Bernini’s Baroque.

At the Colegio de Nª Sª de la Antigua we have one of his most magnificent works. It is the praying statue of Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro, funerary bronze. In Spain there are only two works by Juan de Bolonia, one ours, the other the equestrian statue of Felipe III, well known and located in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid

Praying statue of Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro. Juan de Bolonia. Madrid Plaza Mayor
Felipe III, in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. Juan de Bolonia. Bronze
Tú carrito