It is not usually normal to have more than one or two names, but according to historical documentation, normally written in Spanish, the school appears named in many ways, perhaps accusing the history and the various situations through which it has lived.

  1. The most common and original name has been “Colegio de Nuestra Señora de la Antigua” or in Galician é “Colexio de Nosa Señora da Antiga”.
  2. Other names with which it is cited are:
    • Colexio do Cardeal,
    • Colexio de Monforte,
    • Colexio da Compañía.
    • Popularly it is also known as the College of the Piarist Fathers,
    • San José de Calasanz School,
    • The Piarists
    • The Company.

The cause of so many names is due to the circumstances of its history, such as the will of its founder, the Cardinal of Seville, Don Rodrigo de Castro, his first stage in the hands of the PP. Jesuits, its fame that defines it as the Monforte school, as if it were the only one in the city. At present it is under the ownership of the PP. Piarists.

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