On December 19 in Monforte there was a lot of wind as in the whole region. La Voz de Galicia informed that day that Monforte was one of the towns most affected by Elsa. According to the newspaper, the rains and wind generated 112 more than a thousand incidents on the telephone and after the city of Lugo, the one in Monforte was the second one that generated the most calls.

These weather incidents affected the building of the College of the Cardinal. In fact the strong gusts of wind ended up breaking one of the granite balls that top each of the towers, specifically the one on the left. Apparently and as investigated the stone ball should already have a crack that between rain and ice subtracted strength from it. When blowing a continuous wind and with so much intensity the iron cross that finished off the set would vibrate until said tapping did the rest. The ball broke and the cross that apparently is still in the tower was lost.

This incident will be communicated to the corresponding Department of Heritage of the Xunta for your information.

Hopefully this architectural element can be replaced soon and return equality to the twin towers of our building.

Appearance of the tower before the storm
Appearance of the tower after the storm
Appearance of the tower after the storm
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