It seems obvious, pois, that either Cardeal wanted to record proof for subsequent personal greatness

There is sufficient documentation on which Mr. Cardeal Rodrigo de Castro “in order to state all the architectural features as more limbs had to be constructed or building specifying that the dimensions should be included more“ measures second Vignola insignia not seu book of five orders of architecture ”193 and, in addition,

…. must be of Corinthian order”
  • “All members (architectural elements) and ornaments within the temple (…) must be of Corinthian order” specifying, with thoroughness, all the details to which the different architectural elements of the igrexa construction should be added ( pilasters, entablamento, arches, vaults, scallops, xanelas do cruziro, dome, ships laterais, choir, portas, …) as well as
    • at the quality of two materials to undertake (pedro berroqueña, and say granite, ben carved in everything or that does not properly walls), two decorative elements (balusters, pyramids and booms, …) and “propaganda” (shields) and, mesmo, it was stipulated that or official who started the work should finish it off if he could transfer it to another official, yet there will be several mestres of works that will intervene in construction (Irmáns Fatón, Simón de Mosteiro, …).
Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro

 Data two that could be deduced that, perhaps, or Cardeal desxes facer unha replica, even that on a smaller scale, do Escorial de aí or emprego do novo Escurialense ou Herreriano style that Felipe II, after or Council of Trento, imputes in Spain, and that can be defined as a faithful Spanish mannerism to the most pure principles of classicism and that seem to be as much or as Cardeal itself, among its six books there were some of art, such as works, Simón de Mosteiro, xa that a preserved document did not convince monfortino das Clarisas recolle that among those su pertenzas there were “outra pictures two temples of Rome (…) gornecidos en coiro”.

It seems obvious, pois, that either Cardeal wanted to record proof for subsequent personal greatness but, likewise, it gives Grandeza do territory or solar co that was identified and that it was or two six ancestors by isole that to work of Colexio , or mesmo that El Escorial, is unparalleled at any time.

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