In 1594 Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro decided to expand the original traces of the school with two extensions on both sides of the facade next to the corner towers. For this, two great Renaissance architects of one Spanish, the Jesuit Andrés Ruiz and another Italian Veremondo Resta, will be present in Monforte, coinciding in the city of Lemos with the Cardinal.

College of the Cardinal with the extensions in its extremes demanded by the Cardinal

This year, the Cardinal decides to undertake a trip to Galicia to meet the Jubilee and, at the same time, solve different issues concerning the foundation and the work that is being done in his great work. On May 22, part of the Hispanic city with direction to Madrid, among its companions is the architect Vermundo Resta. Once in this city the signing of the deed of the foundation takes place, dated June 11. It may be strange, but the implementation of the works precedes the confirmation of the foundation. At the beginning of July 1594 he resumed his trip to Galicia. Previously, the Milanese architect has had to leave for Monforte because on June 11 he attends the work by order of the Cardinal.

College of the Cardinal without the extensions in its extremes required by the Cardinal

This same year there is evidence of the presence of Jesuit Andrés Ruiz in Monforte once again serving as a senior teacher and “wearing the work. This teacher in the company of Vermundo Resta and, possibly, at the request of D. Rodrigo, still in Madrid, add two “quarters parts” to the original traceto go close to the towers of the main facade, by order of the Cardinal. The contract for this work is made on June 11 with the stonework teachers Pedro de Marlote and Juan de la Sierra.

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