Transfer of the Blessed Sacramento to the New Church on August 5, 1619

As reflected in the brief account, the day after the Consecration of the Church, the sacrament of the old Church was transferred to the new one. Thus they tell us the fact:

Cloister where the procession went and the altars were mounted.

Monday [August 5]: the Blessed Sacrament was moved from the old church to the new one. The procession began at a good time. The Lord Bishop carries the Blessed Sacrament under a very rich pallium; four clad priests, to Our Holy Father; and four others, the baby Jesus in richly seasoned walks, turning the entire cloister that, on both sides, was adorned with very colorful and very valuable hangings, with four altars at the corners, each with its canopy of rich fabric.

It would be long to paint the greatness of these altars, as the masters took pains in their composition. I only say that one had, among other great riches, a front that those who have seen the best in Spain put it before all of them: at last it is a gift from a potentate of Italy to a count of Lemos, viceroy of Naples, who was also the dome39 of the cloister, except for the pictures of all the martyrs of our Company, which, put [s] on the hangings, made him more colorful and pleasant for the Blessed Sacrament in all the altars. And the musicians sang so well and such carols that, although people were innumerable and excessive heat, they were not repaired in those, mostly when, without thinking, seven dances that were prevented from coming out.

The bishop arrived at the main altar to place the Blessed Sacrament on a throne that was formed above the custody, surrounded by bleachers adorned with the most lucid and precious of the oratory of the countess lady and riches left by the Cardinal, because each one which would be that I dare not paint. The front was made of silver cloth, all gold-plated with great cousin, which gave us His Excellencies with a chasuble of the mesmo and a canopy, which he has only made more than 800 ducats coast. The Counts did not put their weapons in him, but they set everything on Jesuses, showing in this to be all theirs of the Company: such is the friendship they make us.”

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