The Foundation Nª Sª de la Antigua School proposes the ex-students of our center, the Monfortinos and the entrepreneurs based in Monforte to join the Circle of Mecenas of our Foundation. In this circle, we especially invite people, companies and institutions linked to Monforte de Lemos to feel proud of the cultural heritage of the Villa de Lemos, specifically the one that brings the so-called “College of the Cardinal” and wish with their contribution to contribute their bit to its maintenance, improvement and diffusion.


Promote the link between society, especially Monfortina and Colegio Nª Sª de la Antigua. Through:


  • Conservation of “Colegio Nª Sª de la Antigua”, and improvement of facilities
  • Conserve and enlarge the collections.

SOCIAL Projects

  • Promotion of quality education of the College
  • Scholarships and support for students with financial difficulties


To collaborate with our Foundation through any of the following annual contributions:

Junior Collaboration ……… € 20 per year
Senior Collaboration ………… € 50 per year
Family Collaboration …… .. € 100 per year
Protective Collaboration … € 250 per year
Collaboration Maecenas … € 500 per year
Special Collaboration ….. __ € yearly


Easily through the DONATE button of the general menu of this page. WEB

The members of our Circle of Patronage will receive an accreditation with which they can freely access with a companion to any guided visits to our center as many times as they want, in addition to other advantages specially designed for Companies.

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