In a text of a few folios called “Brief relation of the festivities that the college of the Society of Jesus of Monforte made in the consecration of the new church of Our Lady of Antigua, on August 4, 1619.” next

Inscription where the church and the school are mentioned

“At the end of July, it was Our Lord served the church that so long ago, with so much care and cost, that was manufacturing, was finished, 11 and went so perfect and finished in everything that to be painted outside needed a particular and longer relationship that of the festivities that in their consecration they did. Suffice it to say now of her that her beauty moved the Lords Counts of Lemos12 [a] to take charge of making her consecrate, requesting it to Mr. D. Alonso López Gallo, 13 bishop of Lugo. To which his lordship went willingly, as well as requested by His Excellency as for being a thing of the Company, to which in everything he shows himself very fond. They threw the party for August 4th. Word spread throughout the kingdom and, thus, many and very lucid people from Santiago, from Orense and its preserves, from Monterrey and its valley, from Lugo and all its bishopric. “

For those who have stopped meditating on the dates, they will have realized that we are on anniversary. On August 4 we celebrate the four hundred years of the consecration of the church and the 100th anniversary of the completion of the works of the school in its current state.

In following entries on this page we will give an account of the activities programmed by the Foundation Colegio Nª Sª de la Antigua and by the Colegio PP. Piarists.

Shield of the bishop D. Alonso López Gallo that consecrate the church in 1619


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