The considerable dimensions of the School that thought build in Monforte of Lemos did not allow that the helmet amurallado of the villa could receive it in his interior, by what decides build it in the suburb, in the vicinities of the way that drives to the Chapel of Saint Lázaro, a place occupied by huertas and vineyards that was necessary to buy. During the years 1591-92 begin the acquisitions of the terrains, taking part as intermediario the Earl D. Fernando Ruiz of Castro.

The extension purchased rondaba the nine hectares and average, establishing his limits the river Cabe, the brook of Saint Lázaro, communal terrains and particular properties his big importance has the election of the solar, transcendental is the confección of them trace and conditions and, related directly with this, the designación of the proyectistas. In spite of the absence of data that esclarezcan this phase, fits to think that it was the Cardinal, jealous founder and financiador, the one who, far of desentenderse of such labor, takes part in them trace and conditions, choosing concienzudamente to the architects and avoiding that nothing neither anybody altered his intentions.

In 1594 the arrival of the Cardinal to Monforte takes place to ends of July or
principles of August. Contemplating the location of his work, decides the projection of
a street of 30 feet of width that communicate directly with the villa. To ends of
1595 already is «almost finished and comes to remain the school the half more near, and she is so beautiful that suffices for ennoblecer a place».

By what have already the reason and the date of the planteamiento and the building of the street of the cardinal, that if it is not very long, himself that has converted in the axis of the social life of Monforte.

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