The monfortino, Mateo Díaz , who studied in the Escolapios, is formed to work in development and will, thanks to the Barrié Foundation, a master’s degree in Sussex.

Mateo Díaz links his future to that of the world. This young monfortino who studied in the Escolapios and in the Daviña Rey is currently in Italy, doing internships in the Spanish representation in the United Nations. It is another step in a career that focuses on work in the international field. He has his sights set on working for the UN or the European Union.

The passion for the world, and above all for justice on Earth, comes from far away to Mateo Díaz, but has deepened as he progressed in his studies. He studied International Relations at the Complutense University and his passion for an area to which he wants to dedicate his life: security and development. These are commitments that the young monfortino lived closely in the Complutense and internalized to turn them into vital objectives.

Now he has just opened a door for him that can help him to clear that future with which he dreams. The monfortino has just obtained one of the coveted postgraduate scholarships of the Barrié Foundation and will be able to go to England to take a master’s degree in Conflict, Security and Development at the University of Sussex.
The studies at that university are in the “premier league”. The center is a world reference in terms of training in cooperation and development, emphasizes the young monfortino, who says that Sussex has an “ambitious and committed” training program. It is just what this twenty-three year old Lucense looks for who believes that development and security programs must be combined, otherwise the policies to advance the world will not be effective.

He is young, but he has already seen some of the most bitter faces of life on Earth and has seen the consequences of political failures and wars. For example, Italy has arrived after spending some time working with refugees in Serbia, where they could learn about the reality of refugees arriving from countries such as Syria, Iran or Pakistan, he explains.

Now in Italy he works in the Spanish mission to the FAO, the United Nations organization for agriculture and food, “a wide and very interesting field”, which allows him to approach the reality of the attention to people in conflict areas.
This accumulation of experiences before starting the master’s degree in Sussex will allow her to reach the United Kingdom with better training and a broader vision, explains Mateo Díaz Rodríguez.

The young monfortino is happy with the possibility of starting those studies in the United Kingdom and do a master’s degree that even in his best dreams he could have studied if not for the Barrié Foundation scholarship, he points out.
It is true that this scholarship is the result of a brilliant academic record, but he says that there were many good students who opted for this scholarship, so he feels honored to have achieved it.

Until the moment of beginning those studies, he will continue to accumulate experience and work on the reality of regions of the world that interest him. In its formation, for example, it has been especially interested in knowing the problems of countries in the Sahel area, such as Nigeria, where the humanitarian situation is often aggravated by the problem of terrorism.

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