A magnificent element … half-hidden.

Miguel Angel Feal, scholar of the original traces of our building, dealing with the dome, affirms: “Like El Escorial and many other Spanish churches of its time, they are already of Latin cross, rectangular, or long basilical nave covered with a dome in its transept or corresponding part, the church of the Monforte Company, does not offer to those who approach its facade a complete view of this important element of its architecture. Its consequence is inherent to the depth of its single ship. The origin of the monfortino type is the Italian of the Counter-Reformation that tried to reconcile the church of a deep and living hall with the dome used in the manner of a dome in the medieval Spanish and Languedocian churches. The splendid Monforte dome is characteristic of these models.

Inside the temple fulfills its function perfectly.

In its exterior it can not be contemplated in all its splendor, unless it is from very far away, a point from which it receives its complete proportions “.

Close up the dome is always hidden by the building itself

From a distance you can see the dome in all its splendor
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